The European Union has told Ukraine it is not ready to join the bloc.

EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told in an interview to “News in Ukraine” newspaper that Ukraine’s membership is not up for consideration at the moment. Barroso said more reforms were required before accession talks could begin.

"Ukraine is not ready and we are not ready," Mr Barroso said. "Ukraine still has reforms to do... and today in the European Union we are not ready, our member states are not ready, to assume new membership obligations," he added.

He noted that this fact should not be regarded as a negative signal to Ukraine. According to him, it must stimulate Ukraine to further reforms. EU Commission President stressed that nobody doubts that Ukraine is a European country.

Instead, EU leaders are offering the prospect of closer political and economic ties, with Mr Barroso saying a free-trade area with Ukraine was the first aim. But he noted that creation of free-trade area between the EU and Ukraine is possible only after Ukraine’s accession into the WTO.

According to EU Commission President, the EU supports Ukraine in every way in its aspiration to finish undertime the procedure of the accession into the WTO.

Mr Barroso notes that development of relations between Ukraine and the EU progresses in all spheres. Ukraine made great progress in democratic reforming, energy, legal and security spheres.


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