Heated argument on dismissal of Yuri Lutsenko and “orange” ministers kindled in the session hall of the VR.

SPU member Oleksandr Baranivsky considers that the decision of the parliamentary committee on Lutsenko’s dismissal from his post is biased and premature. Baranivsky disagrees with the decision motivating his position by that Lutsenko had recalled his resignation application.

Another deputy, member of Our Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, declares that consideration of dismissal of the ministers must be postponed, as neither Prime Minister of Ukraine nor orange ministers, whose resignation is to be considered, are present on this session of the Verkhovna Rada

Commenting on this issue, BYuT representative Mykola Tomenko has declared that his political force does not intend to take part in voting on dismissal, having stated that this matter concerns the coalition and the Cabinet only.

Official position of Our Ukraine was expressed by OU faction leader Roman Bezsmertny. He underlined that “orange” ministers must dismissed from the government, because this political force had not joined the anti-crisis coalition.

Bezsmertny supported the idea of postponing the consideration of this question till the procedure was worked out. “Our Ukraine suggests that the conciliatory council approves the procedure of ministers’ dismissal: either it will be a separate resolution or a corresponding agreement will be reached; but only after this the resignation of the ministers can be accepted,” the deputy said.


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