During public hearings of a draft national space program for 2007 - 2011, Deputy Director General of the National Space Agency of Ukraine Eduard Kuznetsov said that some projects of the program might be included into the first European space program, which is presently being drafted, “Cabinet’s press office” reported.

Among the projects he first of all mentioned creating a space Ionosat system for comprehensive study of seismic-ionospheric and solar-Earth connections and their impact on technological and biological processes on the Earth. The program is supposed to start in 2010. Among the program's likely participants were named Poland, Turkey and China.

According to the NSA data, the forecasted general volume of financing of the national program, including its budget, is 2.66 bn. UAH (one USD=5.05 UAH).

Among other promising areas for cooperation, NSA Director General Yuriy Alekseyev named participation in creating a common European global navigation satellite system Galileo and participation in creating a new European carrier rocket of heavy and light classes, as well as joint modernization of the infrastructure of the national aircraft control and test center.


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