Victor Yushchenko has addressed members of Russell 20-20, a non-profit association of 20 large retirement plan sponsors and 20 major money managers, urging them to invest in Ukraine.

“I am one of those politicians that believe Ukraine is becoming one of the most modern markets in Eastern Europe,” he said.

The President said one of Ukraine’s paramount priorities was the development of energy and energy efficiency technologies. He added that our country sought to become an integral part of Europe’s energy market and had great potential in education and science.

President Yushchenko pledged to protect proprietary rights.

“No one will officially discuss so-called re-privatization policies. I want you to regard this statement as a basis for our course,” he said. “We believe the market should develop on the basis of private and corporate property and will continue to stage transparent privatizations.”

The Head of State outlined economic results of this year. He said many jobs had been created and revenues and real incomes were growing. He added that the government had repealed regulatory acts impeding business and was implementing policies encouraging investment. The President characterized Ukraine as “financially stable,” its banking market developing rapidly.

President Yushchenko expressed confidence Ukraine would pass bills enabling it to join the World Trade Organization by November. In 2007, he said, we will start talks with the European Union to create a free trade area and sign an enhanced agreement.

“Our goal is to sign an agreement stipulating Ukraine’s eventual membership in the EU,” he said.


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