“Today regions are assuring that they have withdrawn all items restricting people’s social welfare from the draft budget. However, they forgot to mention that these items had been inserted in it by themselves and it was the opposition forces which forced to cancel such screaming standards,” stated OU MP Katerynchuk commenting on the VR approval of the draft budget-2007.

“Azarov should realise that if he does not withdraw these items from the budget we will appeal to the Constitution Court and abolish it in legal form. We may abolish the whole budget as non-constitutional one as well,” stressed Katerynchuk.

“It should be mentioned that attempts to reduce pensions of working pensioners will strike firstly miners and military officials. These people are very good specialists, they retire on a pension aged 45, but they have a opportunity to work and to share their experience with freshmen,” opined Mykola Katerynchuk.

Katerynchuk outlined that instead of introducing changes into the tax legislation the budget must be based upon it.

“It is ridiculous to speak about budget transparency as we were given conclusions of the committee in 20 minutes instead of two days. And moreover, they say we can get a clue of it… Of course, be sure, we will do get a clue of it. We will look into it and we will not tolerate the free economic areas’ standards, pressure on entrepreneurs and reduction of the social payments,” concluded Katerynchuk.


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