On October 30, Kateryna Yushchenko, Head of the Supervisory Board of the Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Fund Kateryna Yushchenko and presidents of 11 leading Ukrainian TV channels inked a Memorandum on Cooperation within the Children’s Hospital of the Future project.

Oleksandr Asaulyuk (M1), Volodymyr Borodyansky (STB), Hanna Bezlyudnaya (K1), Iryna Lysenko (Novyi), Yevheniya Batayeva (Tonis), Roman Andreyko (24 Channel), Vitaliy Dokalenko (the National Radio of Ukraine), Yuryi Morozov (1+1), Natalya Katerynchuk (NTN), Oleksandr Bohutsky (ICTV) and Leonid Mazor (Inter) put their signatures under the document.

“The implementation of such project in the modern world is impossible without corresponding media support as million Ukrainians watch TV. We are glad to have found support and understanding among Ukrainian TV broadcasting companies. It witnesses not only the best traditions of the charity are reviving but also the fact that a real civil society is step by step being formed in Ukraine[…]. Today we have taken one step more to our dream. […] I heartedly appreciate all of you. I promise you will be proud of you and new Ukraine being built by our joint efforts and aspirations,” said Kateryna Yushchenko.

Oleksandr Maksymchuk, a Chairman of Ukraine3000, outlined that channels joining the project will define a format of cooperation by themselves. He also stressed that the Memorandum remains open for other channels to join it.


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