Speaking in the parliament Our Ukraine member Pavlo Zhebrivsky informed that Our Ukraine demands to postpone the consideration of the state budget 2007 to Thursday, November 2. He explained that the deputies did have a possibility to examine the document.

In her turn, leader of Party of Regions faction Raisa Bogytaryova told journalists that deputies are ready to listen to the draft budget 2007, as the document is completely prepared for consideration.

Bogatyryova noted that Party of Regions is ready to any dialogue as regards draft budget, but she added that “regionals” want to hear reasoned positions concerning postponing the terms of consideration of the draft budget.

Additionally, she reported that a session of the profile committee on resignation of orange ministers took place this morning. “The committee complied with a request to dismiss ministers from their posts. I am sure this issue will be decided on tomorrow’s plenary session. We will support this decision,” Bogatyryov said and added that candidatures for ministers’ posts by the coalition’s quota had not been considered yet, as “regionals” do not want to “put the cart before the horse”.

In response to the question whether Bogatyryova is ready to hold the post of Health Minister, she said she was not going to become the head of this Ministry.


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