Yaroslav Davydovych, a Chairman of the Central Election Committee, considers its necessary to create stable and systematic election legislation. He revealed it at an international scientific-practical conference “Elections-2006: Experience. Problems. Prospects” held in Kyiv today.

“Unfortunately, we have a bad practise when every new election adopts new law regulating the election. The main problem here is that a law is underway testing at the height of the election rush,” said CEC Chairman Yaroslav Davydovych. He recalled that during the election-2006, six amendments were introduced into the Act on Elections.

“Ukraine needs an election code – uniform, complex legislation regulating all election process of Ukraine,” stressed the CEC Chairman.

A proportional election system is an optimal for Ukraine, Davydovych told. “I am far from idealisation of the proportional system, but I am convinced it is more convenient and democratic than majority-proportional system,” concluded Davydovych.


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