The UN Special Rapporteur on sale in children, CP and the children prostitution Jose Manuel Petit initiates formation a National Commission on Children’s Rights Protection in Ukraine. He is currently on a visit to Ukraine dealing with Ukraine's cooperation with UN human rights mechanisms, particularly, in the context of Ukraine's membership in the UN Human Rights Council.

Such body should represent both governmental and non-governmental, public, organizations. MR Petit considers it is necessary to appoint an ombudsman on children’s affairs and to found a governmental body countering traffic in persons, including children.

The UN Special Rapporteur outlined the necessity to tighten control over traffic in kids from Ukraine to Russia as the only document needed to cross the frontier is a birth certificate without a photo. It eases the traffic procedure for Russian sexual market providers. To counter it Ukraine should consolidate cooperation within this field with its Eastern neighbour, UN Special Rapporteur Petit stressed.

Yuri Pavlenko, Ukraine’s Sport, Youth and family Minister, handed a draft National Action Plan regarding the UN Convention on Children’s Rights Protection 2006-2010 over the UN Special Rapporteur. The document provides for measures aimed at countering exploitation of the children’s labour, sexual exploitation and other kinds of violent treatment of kids, particularly in a family.

He appreciated the UN support for actions implemented by the central executive government of Ukraine.

The draft National Action Plan stipulates for implementation of the juvenile justice in Ukraine during 2007-2010 aimed at training of judges specialising in the children’s rights protection.

He also touched the issue of the orphanage system reformation scheduled to be launched in March of 2007. In 2008, Ukraine is to implement a program providing for new types of orphanages (nor may more than 50 children live there). The national adoption procedure will be facilitated as well.


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