The OU Political Council scarified Yushchenko’s unwillingness to share the liability for their failure. As a result, the OU Council entrusted the adoption of pressing decisions to the current leadership, which dismissal Yushchenko demanded.

As Kommersant-Ukraine informs, the OU Bloc have started preparation to the session right after the Saturday Congress failed.

Along three days of the OU Bloc Presidium’s session, the President’s Secretariat was bit by bit reducing its presence there. On Friday, there was not any the Secretariat’s representative at the session. Official explanation of this fact sounded as all of them are accompanying the President in his Finnish visit. Despite the absence at the session, the majority of them stated their willingness to stick to the President’s position.

The main thread of today session of the OU Political Council was the discussion of the President’s speech delivered on October 21. Lots of the OU members grudged alleging Victor Yushchenko of unwillingness to assume the responsibility for the party’s failures.


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