President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko plans to meet representatives of all political forces in the parliament on Saturday to discuss adoption of draft bills concerning WTO accession.

“My plan is the following – Verkhovna Rada must consider WTO bills before November 20. On Saturday I am meeting authorities of the government and the parliament, leaders of political factions. The key issue of the agenda is consolidation of all power institutions and political forces for adoption of WTO bills,” Yushchenko told Thursday in Helsinki.

Ukraine’s President called everybody, including journalists to contribute to this process. “Ukraine has a chance as never before to join the WTO till the end of this year,” Yushchenko said.

He noted that in the framework of Ukraine-EU summit he would like the European Union to base on the fact that Ukraine would become a WTO member soon.

“Such agenda and may lead Ukraine and the EU to the most common understanding in Eurointegration processes,” the President said.


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