Tetyana Bakhteyeva, PR MP and the VR Committee on Public Health, considers the Children’s Hospital of the Future project unnecessary and inopportune. As a reminder, Kateryna Yushchenko’s fund Ukraine3000 started promotional campaign aimed at the creation of a hospital for infirm kids from all over Ukraine to undergo proper treatment in Kyiv. To implement the project costs $120 million, a record sum for such projects in Ukraine. According to Bakhteyeva, Ukraine is not ready for such projects.

“”I know that Kateryna Yushchenko’s visit to Donetsk region was aimed at raising funds of Donbas businessmen for the construction of the hospital at the cost of 600 million UAH. In my personal opinion, it should be exactly this way. We have the regional clinics, the very adequate regional children’s clinic, Okhmadet (all-Ukrainian children’s hospital) in Kyiv for now,” stated Tetyana Bakhteyeva.

“You should think about what it needs to bring a child in Kyiv. Firstly, it is time, time which will work against a child’s health, secondly, it is money, thirdly, an accommodation. I suppose Ukraine is not ready for it today… I think this money may be used at the local level, it would be more appropriate, more wanted. It may be built in the future, if possible there,” resumed PR MP Bakhteyeva.

Note: Masha Borisova, a volunteer form Donetsk, visited Sashenka Ryaguzov, 5, suffering for neuroblastoma. “I do not want to write about things happening in Donetsk… There is no children’s oncological ward in Donetsk. He underwent chemotherapy in the surgical department of the regional Children’s Hospital: appendicitis operated kids, operated on arms, legs etc kids and oncokids are in the same ward. It is a horror.”


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