Yesterday Victor Yushchenko sent a letter to Estonia’s newly elected president Toomas Hendrik Ilves to wish him success in his new office, president's press office reported.

The President is convinced that, “with its atmosphere of openness and mutual support, the rich history of relations between Ukraine and the Estonian Republic makes it possible to state that our countries are real friends and partners.”

Yushchenko said Ukraine appreciated Estonia’s support for our strategic bid to join the European Union and NATO and thus become a full member of Europe’s political, economic and security system. 

“I am convinced that cooperation between Ukraine and the Estonian Republic in the framework of the Community for Democratic Choice will help achieve the key goal of this large-scale international project to stimulate democratic transformations in the region of the Black, Caspian and Baltic seas. We thank Estonia for consistently supporting Ukraine’s international initiatives aimed at resolving the Trans-dniester conflict,” he said. 

The Head of State believes the two countries should develop business, energy, transportation and agricultural ties. He also thinks Ukraine and Estonia should cooperate in the area of Euro-Atlantic integration.

Yushchenko suggested that he and Mr. Ilves meet soon to discuss these issues. 


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