Deputy Chief-of-Staff Oleksandr Chalyi told at the press conference that yesterday President of Ukraine Yushchenko and Russia’s Prime Minister Fradkov did not discuss the issue concerning synchronization of WTO accession processes of Ukraine and Russia.

According to him, the President noted that “joining the WTO every country has its logic, its priorities, and it is illogical to synchronize it.”

Chalyi also underlined that Yushchenko is consistent in his position as regards that Ukraine must join the WTO as soon as possible.

“The President considers that the key strategy of home and foreign policies for the nearest two months is to finish all internal and external procedures on legalization of Ukraine’s accession into the WTO. Proceeding from this very approach we cannot talk about synchronization of our accession into the WTO with the Russian Federation,” Chalyi said.

According to him, yesterday Yushchenko assured Fradkov that if Ukraine joins the WTO earlier than Russia, it will not entail problems for Russia.


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