Ukraine’s Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky considers yesterday signing of the Ukraine-Russia agreement on gas supply ($130 per 1,000 cu m) a victory of the Ukrainian diplomacy.

“We all must understand that $130-price is a great victory of Ukraine and Ukrainian diplomacy. While Ukraine puts its signature under $130, Belarus, a neighbour and ally is proposed $200-price, Europe (Poland) buys at the price of $280,” said Minister Rudkovsky at 1+1 live broadcasting. He added that it would provide for around 7% of the economic growth next year.

Transport Minister Rudkovsky opines that the price for Russian gas transit to Europe should a topic for a separate discussion and talks. “Let’s Naftogaz negotiate over it with the Russian party. I am interested in getting the highest one,” said Ukraine’s Transport Head.

According to his belief, Ukraine and Russia should join their efforts standing for national interests accessing the WTO. It will help to get better conditions: “[…] Russian foreign policy and diplomacy may help Ukraine to defend the positions which were lost due to incompetence of the previous authorities.”

He also touched upon prospects of Kyiv-Moscow autobahn construction which will be the subject of in-depth discussion on Thursday.


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