Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych notes interdependency of economies of Ukraine and Russia. He stated that Russia provides Ukraine with energy carriers, while Ukraine in its turn is the important Russia’s partner in transit of these energy carriers to Europe.

“We continue to build together space ships. Aircrafts, nuclear turbines and others,” Yanukovych said in his opening speech to the session of Economic committee.

Speaking about tasks of today’s session, Ukraine’s PM noted that Ukrainian party wanted to solve issues concerning cooperation in fuel and energy complex, improvement of production cooperation, border cooperation. Additionally, Ukrainian Premier expressed assurance that it is necessary to name exact date of renewal of export of meat and milk products to Russia.

In his turn, Russia’s PM Mikhail Fradkov opined that the work of the committee would add dynamics to development of relations between Ukraine and Russia. “We dispose ourselves to decide all the tasks on the agenda,” Fradkov said.

He also noted that it would be expedient to discuss cooperation in WTO accession, as well as building of market relation in fuel and energy complex and agrarian-industrial complex.


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