Ukraine’s Defence Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko wants the RF BF to feel comfortable and to work effectively on condition that the laws of Ukraine will be obeyed. He revealed it in an interview to Russian Novye Izvestiya daily.

Ukraine’s Defence Minister admitted that he concerns about the compliance with the Ukrainian legislation by RF BF. “Such issues are addressed by participants of joint Russian-Ukrainian working groups attached to the Yushchenko-Putin Commission. I wish all issues to be settled without disputes, and the RF BF staying in Ukraine only benefits society […],” stated Minister Hrytsenko.

He also mentioned that being in Sevastopol he always has talks with both Russian and Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief of the Fleets addressing the existing problems and helps to settle the disputes.

Touching upon the Crimean house-lighters, Minister Hrytsenko stressed that there are still some unsettled questions: “There are Ukrainian court decisions. There is official Russian position. Some of the questions reach far the competence of the military department of Ukraine. […] I and my Russian counterpart Sergey Ivanov aspire to find mutual understanding and sometime we succeed,” concluded Minister of Defence Hrytsenko.


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