Despite the facilitation visa procedure for a legal job placement, Ukrainians, Belarusian and Russians do not intend to legalise their position in Poland.

Since September, 2006, Poland has introduced a simplified visa issuing procedure for the citizens of the neighbouring countries applying for agricultural work in Poland. Agricultural Poland suffers drained native man power. Poles leave the country for better incomes the West Europe proposes. In order to get visa, an employer must send a letter containing the list of invited workers and his farmer’s certificate to the Polish Consulate.

Nevertheless, it turned out that only several dozens of visas have been issued for the eastern neighbours of Poland. According to experts, the foreigners prefer to go on working illegally. Besides, the employers have no intention to bear costs of legal employment and to get involved in the official bumf of its procedure.

Last year, about 500 Russians, 600 Belarusians and 2,500 Ukrainians were given the official permission to work in Poland. Illegal numbers are greater by dozens of times.

As a reminder, in the end of August, 2006 Poland’s Council of Ministers set 27 categories of Ukrainian workers which may be engaged in the seasonal nature work in Poland.


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