October 20, PRP (Partiya Reformy i Poryadok) joined BYuT. The corresponding agreement has been already inked by the leaders Yulia Tymoshenko and Victor Pynzenyk.

The parties agreed to work in the opposition within the framework of the broad political bloc. The participants of the press conference resulted in the agreement, outlined that their work will oppose the current government and the anti-crisis coalition.

“PRP made a decision to participate in the BYuT Bloc,” said ex-Minister of Finance Pynzenyk. He also called upon other political forces, the OU in particular, to consolidate efforts within the joint opposition.

Yulia Volodymyrivna expressed “happiness” regarding the joining of the new ally and called PRP the most powerful out-parliamentary party. She opined that it is necessary to consolidate efforts in order to counter the current government’s activity.

Today Victor Pynzenyk has put his signature under the Declaration of the Oppositional Union of Ukraine’s Democratic Forces.

Note: According to the Act on Political Parties in Ukraine, joining of one party to another is a sort of reorganisation of the political force. The Act reads that a decision on reorganisation must be adopted by a session (conference) of the political force in accordance with its statute. Simultaneously with this decision, the session (conference) must pass a decision concerning the order of property and party’s funds usage for by-laws or charitable purposes.


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