Chernihiv All-Ukraine Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and HIV+Children Hospital were burnt down on October 19. The fire happened at night.

The police advance arson as a preliminary version.

“The police have no doubts that it was arson as there were two fires at night: one was at 2:00 am and the second one at down. Everything was burnt away: furniture, PCs, office equipment, documents,” said a representative of the organisation.

According to Inna Pyvovar, AUNPL HIV/AIDS regional representative, the office was rented out by the Chernihiv Communal Property Fund.

“However, we have been claiming the disposal of it with a private entrepreneur for three years. Having failed to get municipal protection, the AUNPL HIV/AIDS officials were forced to appeal to a court,” said Pyvovar.

The All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with AIDS/HIV demands unbiased investigation of this case and brining to criminal account guilty participants committed it.

AUNPL HIV/AIDS is a charitable organization created by HIV+ people. It implements international and national programs providing people living with AIDS/HIV with help. Its targeted direction is to advance access for HIV+ people to treatment, care and support. It has 25 representative offices in all over Ukraine, consists of 479 members, over 400 officials and provides help for 14,240 persons.


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