Mentioning the name of Ukraine’s capital, American officials must now spell not Kiev, but Kyiv, in accordance with Ukrainian pronunciation.

US State Department declared that change of spelling has nothing to do with American hopes to spread its influence over the former Soviet republic.

Official representative of the Department Tom Casey said that US geographic names department along with other governmental organizations set such spelling for all federal departments. US State Department included the change in the memorandum and charged all officials to use word “Kiyv” in all messages concerning Ukraine.

According to Mr Casey, the decision is motivated by the fact that Ukrainians themselves pronounce the name of the city in such a way. Additionally, the majority of international organizations, including NATO and UN, have already adopted such transcription. The representative of the State Department expressed assurance that this step does not have political hidden motive and is not directed against Russians in Ukraine.

At the same time Associated Press agency declared that it will continue spelling the name of Ukraine’s capital as Kiev.


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