The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a regulation On Expenses Estimate on the exercise of the VR authority in 2007.” 287 MPs voted for this document.

The elected representatives are going to spend 801,757,900 UAH for exercising their authority. The special fund for this purpose makes 55,825,000 UAH. The MPs set 598,746,200 UAH out of the total sum for their current expenses. 312,962,200 UAH will be spent for salaries, 6,858,200 UAH – for the housing services and 147,186,100 UAH – for the capital expenses.

The VR has also allotted 106,000 UAH to the organisational, informational-analytical provision and logistics of parliament’s activity, 2 million UAH – the organisation and conduct of the official receptions, about 9 million UAH – MPs’ foreign visits, over 9 million UAH – the facility services of the parliament.

The standard expenses for a people’s deputy of Ukraine per month will be 6,109 UAH, for assistants-advisors – 12,218 UAH, stationary – 40 UAH, phone calls (national and international) – 465 UAH, mass media appearances – 417 UAH, missions of the deputy’s advisors’ assistances – 400 UAH, maintenance costs of the electoral districts and deputy’ public receptions – 165 UAH. Moreover, a deputy is allotted 500 UAH monthly for his/her publications in the periodicals and 670 UAH – for renting of meeting halls in the electoral districts.


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