A program of informing the population about NATO was fully financed in 2006, which outlays amount to 5.2 mln UAH, deputy chief of staff the National Center for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic Integration Oleksandr Semikov told the international conference "Review of Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine" in Kyiv on Thursday, "Cabinet's press office" reported.

According to Semikov, soon a ten-series film about NATO activities "NATO: Ally or Alien" will be shown on TV. "If Ukraine had political unity on NATO, we would have other poll results even without a powerful information campaign," he said commenting on the population's poor support for NATO.

In his turn, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Serhiy Pirozhkov noted that there are still Soviet and "cold war" stereotypes in the Ukrainian society about NATO. NATO is different today, he said, presently we talk not about accession to NATO, but joining its values.

As Ukraine's Permanent Representative to UN office and other international organizations in Geneva Yevgeniy Bersheda said, accession into NATO should be regarded in the context of investment attractiveness. "Investments come where security is. After our neighbors had joined NATO, they gained a burst of investments," he said.


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