Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Hrytsenko offers Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko to hold open debates on issues concerning observance of legislation in the army.

“I strongly recommend Prosecutor General Medvedko to hold public debates with me in live broadcast at any TV channel. Citizens of Ukraine have a right to get full and unbiased information about situation in Armed Forces and General Office of Public Prosecutor. Those statements published by Prosecutor’s press office are not enough to image the whole picture. I am also ready to publish facts and documents. Having listed to our arguments, the public will define who really fights corruption and who just imitate the struggle,” the statement of the Defense Minister says.

As a reminder, General Office of Public Prosecutor (GOPP) held a meeting yesterday, where representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office delivered the report devoted to law and order in Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Hrytsenko stated that Prosecutor’s Office failed to understand the situation. “They deliberately overwound the facts and manipulated with statistics in order to fit it to early prepared negative results,” the minister considers.

Hrytsenko reminded that he “repeatedly criticized inactivity of GOPP and Prosecutor General personally, but no positive moves have appeared.”

According to him, Defense Ministry revealed hundreds of facts of power abuse and delivered materials to the Prosecutor’s Office. “Unfortunately, we do not have proper support from GOPP in our fight against violations,” the statement says.


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