Deputy Chief-of-Staff Arseny Yatsenyuk would like Georgia to buy as many Ukrainian tanks as possible, as he told journalists at the briefing.

Commenting on Symonenko’s statement on supplies of tanks to Georgia, Yatsenyuk said: “I’d like Ukraine to sell all its tanks to Georgia if Georgia can pay for them!”

He explained his position that Ukraine has more than three thousand tanks of that category, which were sold to Georgia. “In connection with changes of world doctrine of armament, tanks belong to the so-called fourth generation, while the whole world uses the sixth generation,” Yatsenyuk said.

He noted that as a result we have a situation when “Arab sheikhs refuse to buy these tanks, and the cost of such tank is almost to one of a luxurious car.” “Hence, the more tanks we sell, the better, as it is huge money for the state budget to maintain three thousand tanks, which are absolutely ineffective weapon,” Yatsenyuk summed up.


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