Ukrainian MP, chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Union “Our Ukraine” (NUOU) Nikolay Katerynchuk is sure that Viktor Yushchenko can lead the Ukrainian opposition if he becomes the real rather than honorary chairman of the NUOU.

In a talk with REGNUM correspondent in Lviv, Katerynchuk said: “It’s not the first day we are in opposition. We have already been in opposition together with Yulia Timoshenko. We know how to work there, we have the experience. The opposition will be consolidated and will cooperate. It will have one leader.

The Oct 21 NUOU congress will be one of the stages towards structural opposition. Yulia Timoshenko will be the leader. However, if during the congress the President decides to really lead the opposition, the leader will be he who has more levers of influence, he who has not only deputy powers. In such a case, the President may become the real leader of the opposition. Our constitutional model of government has changed from presidential-parliamentary into parliamentary-presidential. The former model says that the President is the arbiter of the nation and is above political processes, while the latter one restricts the President’s authority and makes him rely more on political instruments.

In the world practice, if the party of the president in a parliamentary-presidential republic fails to form the parliamentary majority and the government, it goes into the opposition. Consequently, the President gets in opposition to the policy of the ruling coalition. This is an absolutely normal format.”

Katerynchuk also said that Justice Minister Roman Zvarych and Family, Youth and Sport Minister Yuri Pavlenko have already signed in their resignations. “Concerning the other OU ministers – this is the internal affair of each party comprising the ‘Our Ukraine’ bloc. This week the parties will solve these problems,” Katerynchuk said.


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