Crimean parliament addressed the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister and the Verkhovna Rada with a request to organize All-Ukrainian referendum on giving the Russian language a status of the second state language. The text of the appeal has been supported by 78 Crimean deputies at today’s session.

“We propose to give the Russian language a status of the second state language in the course of Constitution of Ukraine, by means of national referendum,” the document says.

Additionally, Crimean parliament offers to give Russian the status of the regional language in those regions, where the majority of population speaks it.

“We hope for understanding of necessity to observe the right on using state, Russian and other national languages in all spheres of public life,” the text of the appeal states.

The commission has been discussing the language issue for two months and has summarized six different bill drafts. Later, the deputies intend to work out a number of documents concerning the language of Crimean mass Medias and advertising.


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