On today’s Cabinet’s session Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych asked his people to analyze the work of communal heat suppliers. He underlined the necessity to correct defect where any.

Speaking about payment for gas and energy, the Premier asked his colleagues to work out this issue with regions and to pay special attention to Dnipropetrovs’k region, which is a considerable debtor.

According to Yanukovych, the level of payment for energy carriers in Ukraine makes 75% out of necessary volume. “In general, we have inherited 432 mln of debts for gas, consumed by communal heat suppliers,” the head of the government pointed out.

Yanukovych charged vice PM Andriy Kluyev abd vice PM Volodymyr Rybak with “explanatory work” in the regions to guarantee timely payments for consumed gas. “We cannot be a debtor to our partners, who supply gas to our country,” Yanukovych clarified.


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