To privatise enterprises for the purpose to sell them to a national company of other country is ridiculous and dangerous, Oleksandr Paskhaver said Tuesday in his commentary to Vedomosti.

“First of all it is a ridiculous. To privatise enterprises in order to sell them later to a national company of other country, no matter Russian, Chinese or anything else is an absurd. What is the privatisation’s purport then? We used to do it with the only one aim – to reach a predominance of the private capital,” stressed Paskhaver.

“Secondly, it is too risky. Any national enterprise apart from its commercial purpose may submit to the political motives. In fact, all purchases may become a political leverage. If the matter concerns the security of the country, such risks are absolutely real. Taking it into account, to sell energy companies is more dangerous than to sell aircraft enterprises,” opined the expert.

“Concluding, such deals must be discussed in public and arranged only on condition that the public consensus is reached,” resumed Paskhaver.


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