Today Oleksandr Semiryadchenko has been appointed a Chief of Information Policy Department of the President’s Secretariat. He was introduced by Iryna Vannykova, a President Press Secretary, at a briefing in Kyiv.

She stated that this appointment finalised the reshuffle of the President’s Secretariat.

Semiryadchenko will be commissioned to conduct information policy of the Secretariat and the President of Ukraine.

Responding the journalists’ questions, Oleksandr Semiryadchenko mentioned that he felt a bit uneasy as he had used to be among those who asking questions.

He stated that he would focus his attention on four major priorities: developing the President’s communication with society, conducting express analyses, monitoring the press and improving press relations: the “communication” area will be aimed at explaining the President’s position to society; analyzing informational challenges will help the office immediately react to current events; media monitoring will be conducted to monitor media materials and reactions to the Presidential initiatives, the president press office informs.
The press office will become “a transport and a means to present the President’s position to the media.” Semyryadchenko said his faced the challenge of making the President’s communication with society “easier and more understandable.”

“Using the experience of the Secretariat and opportunities this position gives to me in the promotion of cooperation with expert groups, sociologists, researchers, and journalists, I will try to make the President and his work accepted and easily understood,” he said.

Resuming the new style of the Secretariat work, Vannykova noted: “We follow the White House’s example of daily briefings held by the President’s Press Secretary who announces the chief’s agenda for a day or a week, informs mass media about President’s opinions regarding this or that subject. So, you will be able to listen to certain messages from the President at these briefings.”


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