A number of agricultural companies are preparing to bring a suit in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine against the Cabinet’s resolutions restricting grain export and imposing a licence on it, Volodymyr Klymenko, a Ukrainian Grain Association President, told.

Commenting on the Cabinet’s decisions, Klymenko opined that such documents violate the special legislation of Ukraine on grain, particularly, the Act on Grain and Grain Market in Ukraine. Such conclusion has been made by Volkov and Partners after UGA applied for information regarding the legality of the Cabinet’s resolutions.

According to the Volkov and Partners’ inquiry, the Cabinet of Ukraine has breached the legal terms concerning the foreign-economic activity. The resolutions may be considered as Ukraine’s violation of the international treaty regime within the sphere of cooperation and investment protection, the Act of Ukraine on Investment Activity including. The Cabinet has violated existing legal procedure of the regulatory acts adoption and grain traders’ interests and rights.

Klymenko stated that the main cause of the existing problem is the lack of competent guidance of grain balance. It makes precedent for the Cabinet to pass such regulations. “One might say that nobody skilfully conducts the grain balance, although knowledge of balances is a ground for decision making,” explained the UGA President.


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