Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to call the President to cooperation and coordination in adopting state resolutions, Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych declared Thursday during his visit to Krivyi Rih.

“We call Victor Yushchenko to cooperation. Nobody will allow making unilateral decisions today,” the Premier said commenting on President’s decree on cancellation of the decision to form “Energy company of Ukraine.”

Yanukovich noted that signing this decree the President should have consulted with the government. “It is not allowed to sign such documents without the government; and the President should not establish such relations with the Cabinet,” the PM pointed out.

He noted that the decree on cancellation of decision to create the company should have been made in coordination only after consultation with representatives of this sphere and with experts.

As a reminder, by decree of August 9 Yushchenko cancelled the previous decree of January 22, 2004 on “measures on intensification of effectiveness in governing electric and energy complex (formation of Energy company).


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