Victor Yushchenko has met with recently appointed heads of district administrations: Mykola Vasylchenko (Volnovakha), Ihor Veherinsky (Tarashcha), Olha Kolyadko (Svalyava), and Viktor Kruchyk (Derazhnya).

He outlined major challenges and tasks facing the new officials, the president press office reports.

“The most supreme judge of your performance is people, your community, whose interests you protect and work for,” he said, adding that local authorities must understand and appreciate the needs of their communities.

The President believes they must preserve economic stability in their districts and also develop social and humanitarian programs.

“I am convinced we must be people that consider all aspects of public lifemanagement,” he said, demanding that they particularly help the least protected citizens such as invalids, pensioners, orphans, etc. “I do not think you will be able to take this path of an official successfully without such things.”

Victor Yushchenko urged them to fight corruption, cooperating with law enforcement agencies and courts in this area. He also insisted that they carry out policies encouraging private investment and build an effective dialogue with businesspeople.

“You must control budget resources,” he said, adding that the most important task was to pay taxes on time.

The President also asked them to maintain the healthy political climate and constructive relations with all political forces in their districts.

Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha attended the meeting


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