The Constitutional Court of Ukraine has launched working after long break. CC Chairman Ivan Dombrovsky delivered an opening speech calling this day “a symbolic day of the CC history as the new staff of judges set out their activity.”

“The CC will have to continue work of its predecessors which main task was to implementation of Ukrainian legislation and secure the Constitution of Ukraine as a key law over all territory of Ukraine,” stressed Ivan Dombrovsky.

The results of previous CC staff’s work are 160 decisions and reports, around 500 rulings on proceeding’s institution, abatement proceeding etc. “The CC has not executed its duties during a year on well-known account. However, this year was not lost on the new CC judges: they were thoroughly examining existing legislation, CC practice, specificity of constitutional proceeding etc. […] We start our work with the desire to carry out fairly and conscientiously commitments of Constitutional Judges, to provide for the supremacy of the Constitution, to protect the constitutional system and human rights,” stated CC Chairman Dombrovsky.

He held a briefing when he announced that question-answer mode is not appropriate now as the CC has just launched its work. He pledged to hold a press conference after 100 days of the CC work.

CC Chairman Dombrovsky stated that as of August 2006, there were 57 applications and addresses registered in the Constitutional Court f Ukraine. He stated the willingness of the constitutional judges to pass at least several decisions on these cases by the end of the current year.


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