Domestic producers decided to rebuff the mass Wrigley’s and Dirol Cadbury’s invasion in Ukraine, Neptun Company Director Serhiy Tonkonohov stated. “We are holding negotiations with Silpo, Kopeika, Tavria, Viruts, Natalka and other trade networks regarding promotion of our new product Vkusnyashka ot Neptunchika (Neptun TM) in their shops. Its block has been specially created for supermarkets,” Tonkonohov said.

The price on Ukrainian bubble gum will be 0.85-0.95 UAH. “The necessity of expansion led us to Ukrainian supermarkets as previously, our products were old only in a small shops or markets,” explained the Neptun Director.

Obviously, having launched using the main sale channel of trans-national companies, Ukrainian company may shake the positions of world leaders within the domestic market.


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