On his working visit to Chernihiv Victor Yushchenko conducted a meeting with governors of Ukraine’s central regions:  Mykola Lavryk (Chernihiv), Yuriy Andriychuk (Zhytomyr), Vira Ulyanchenko (Kyiv), Vadym Chernysh (Kirovograd), Valeriy Asadchev (Poltava), Nina Garkava (Sumy), Arsen Avakov (Kharkiv), and Oleksandr Cherevko (Cherkassy).

The President said they must carry out pro-European policies and improve the regional economy, President's press office reported.

Yushchenko said he would oppose “politically motivated” staff changes in the regions.

“For you and for me, there is only one alibi – effective work,” he said.

The Head of State insisted that, “although different political forces see state management differently, we must ensure the harmonization of relations between the branches of power.” He said there were no legal grounds to disband oblast or district administrations. He added it was important to improve administrative reforms, characterizing the existing model of state management as “conceptually imperfect” due to the excessive concentration of powers in the capital. 


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