“Irresponsible politicians having destroyed the State Secretariat’s work and having failed to cope with the duties of services do not have moral right to counsel the head of the country,” the Our Ukraine Party statement out on Tuesday comments on Zynchenko’s appointment President’s Advisor.

The OU Presidium approved the text of the statement for the President of Ukraine. The document reads that the Presidium does not recognise Zynchenko’s appointment and proposes the President of Ukraine to cancel his decree on it.

“Being the State Secretary, Oleksandr Zynchenko spread dirty and groundless allegations concerning members of our party as well. It resulted in artificial political crisis in Ukraine, divided ‘orange’ camp, struck a blow on the international image of Ukraine and conditioned the results of the parliamentary election-2006. The allegations of this sort of ‘figure’ were refuted in the court. None of the evidences has been found by the VR Committee of Inquiry. We are convinced that the politician demonstrating non-compliance to the court decisions has no right to hold an office in the state authorities,” concluded the OU Presidium in its statement.


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