Victor Yushchenko has attended aceremonycelebrating the 165th anniversary of the Bohomolets Medical University.

In his speech, the President praised the outstanding role of the school implementating the provisions of the Bologna Declaration in Ukraine’s higher education, the president press office informed.

PresidentYushchenko emphasized the necessity to reform the health management field and to finance reorganisation of the national health care system.

“An individual must become a key point of Ukraine’s new model of medicine. The state must financially support health, not hospitals,” he opined, insisting that medical education should be improved.

The President declared he was personally in charge of medical reforms and enumerated achievements in this area, which, he continued, were welcomed by WHO experts. He said he regarded the health care system as an integral part of national security, adding that the Health Minister was a member of the National Security and Defense Council.

Victor Yushchenko presented professors with the state awards and honorary titles.

Ukraine’s Health Minister Yuriy Polyachenko and Education Minister Stanislav Nikolayenko attended the ceremony.


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