An appointment of orange-blue Vitaly Haiduk witnesses the parties’ contest convert into reshuffling of cards changing their suits. Such opinion has been voiced by Serhiy Taran, PORA Political Council member and a Chairman of Sociovymir Sociological and Political Studies Centre.

He supposes the appointment is a proof for personal loyalty not the political or ideological one.

“Haiduk is a technological appointment which first of all aimed at destruction of Yanukovich’s monopoly in the Eastern region. He does not represent Yanukovich’s political group and may become ‘a friend’ of Yushchenko according to principle ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend.’ Secondly, this appointment may ‘drag’ Yushchenko to the political centre and demonstrate at the same time that he has supporters and cadres both un the West and the East,” said Taran.
“Generally, there are no substantial ideological divergences among ‘pro-power’ and ‘opposition.’ The former member of Yanukovich’s government of 2003-2004 is a real witness of it. There are no ‘white-blues’ or ‘oranges,’ only those who long for a new politics and those who use the old blueprints. The distribution on ‘oranges’ and ‘white-blues’ is only for the electorate, the politicians stuck to be ‘orange’ or ‘white-blue’ are doomed to be at margins. Haiduk’s appointment bits utterly those politicians who consider themselves either orange or white-blue,” summed up Taran.

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