During the recent MSPO-2006 military exhibition in Kielce, Poland, the SpetsTechnoExport Ukrainian State Trade Enterprise (a subsidiary of the Ukrspetsexport company) released preliminary information on a new short-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, Jane's reported.

The new missile is being developed by the Luch Design Bureau in Kiev. During the Soviet era, Luch developed missile subsystems but the organisation is now working on its own missile concepts.

The new missile is 1.625 m in length and 108 mm in diameter. It is of simple cylindrical shape with an ogival nose cone, four small cruciform wings located about 70 per cent down the length of the fuselage and two aerodynamic control surfaces. The wings and control surfaces are folded, allowing the round to be packed into a tubular transporting/launching container. At launch, the missile weighs 34 kg.

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