On October 9, the President of Ukraine issued a decree on appointment of Oleksandr Zynchenko a President’s Advisor. In his recent interview to 1+1Channel, Arseny Yatsenyuk, a First Deputy President’s Chief of Staff, considers the latest reshuffling of the President’s Secretariat quite reasoned. As a reminder, yesterday Chief of Staff Victor Baloha sacked Vasyl Baziv, a former Kuchma’s “voice,” who had been taken President’s Advisor’s job three days ago.

“Baziv’s appointment was done not by the Head of the country but the Secretariat Head Baloha, and any prompt actions are not always right. It was a prompt one, and the Chief of Staff has recovered it promptly. Thereby, corrected position is a certain positive moment. I think the question has been removed from the agenda. Yes, I think it was a mistake,” stressed Yatsenyuk.

Regarding Zynchenko, Arseny Yatsenyuk said: “I think […] the President pursues an aim to form a team consisted of creative people. The easiest way to achieve it is to make those people his advisors […].”


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