Dnipropetrovs’k Governor Nadiya Deyeva has passed a resolution urging local authorities to study Ukrainian.

Governor Deyeva has explained her initiative to introduce Ukrainian language courses for the local officials by

“I am sick and tired of hearing illiterate speeches at meetings and reading of illiterately written memorandums. By the way, it damages working process as sometimes it is impossible to understand what it is talking about,” Governor Deyeva explained her initiative to introduce Ukrainian language courses.

The courses have been arranged in the Regional Administration’s building in order to prevent absenteeism and complaints about unplanned expenses out of a modest official’s wage. A teacher form the President’s State Management Academy conducts one-hour lecture on Thursday. The attendance is not obligatory but desired and voluntary. There will no exams after the course of lectures but the result will be checked in practice, Natalya Cherednyk, a teacher, stresses.

By now only 20 officials out of 1,000 ones have taken advantage of free education.


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