On October 14, Ukraine will honour memory of the UPA veterans and commemorate the 64th Anniversary of creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. In order to hold preparations to the event, the political organisations have formed an organisation committee consisted of representatives of the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda (Freedom), Kyiv regional OUN-UPA, UNA-UNSO Brotherhood, the Youth Nationalist Congress, National Alliance and others.

According to the information, despite the UPA soldiers struggled hard for the independence of Ukraine for ten years after the World War II, the day of UPA creation is not a state holiday in Ukraine. “In fact that UPA is not recognized by the state, the society still does not pay homage to it. It is a shame for every Ukrainian and the direct threat to the sovereignty of Ukraine. It prejudices the legitimacy of Ukraine as a state,” the organisation committee officials stated.

The Ukrainian nationalists consider that their task is “to force the official power to recognise OUNs and UPA's national liberation movement as a struggle for the sovereignty of Ukraine.”

As a reminder, the previous commemoration of the 63rd OUN-UPA anniversary resulted in conflicts with the forces of the radical right, communists and the progressive socialists (Vytrenko).


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