Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine Grigol Katamadze considers that announcement of the Year of Georgia in Ukraine will give a strong incentive for stirring up of Ukrainian business and Ukrainian investments in Georgian economy, as Katamadze declared during the on-line conference in ForUm.

According to the Ambassador, new migration policy of Russia as regards Georgia will not influence afflux of Georgian citizens to Ukraine.

“First of all, I think that the majority of our citizens, who live and work in Russia, will continue their activity there. Secondly, those, who will be forced to leave Russia, will return to Georgia, where more and more new jobs are appearing – in building business, including road building, renewal of enterprises, cement works, chemicals plants, metallurgical industrial complex. We have enough jobs for our citizens,” he noted.

Katamadze also expressed an opinion that Russia must not be interested in total deportation of Georgian people, who appeared on the territory of Russia, grew roots, work and put their intellectual and physical energy into strengthening of Russia’s power. “But if they deport criminals, we will be grateful,” the diplomat said.

Additionally, Georgian Ambassador underlined that Ukraine should not worry over that Georgian citizens would create any additional problems for the country.


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