Oleksandr Medvedko said police had arrested two suspects in yesterday’s murder of Yevhen Opanasyuk, program editor of 5 Channel. He also confirmed that the most probable motive behind the crime was personal antipathy and promised to bring the case to court by the end of October, the president press office told.

The Prosecutor General said, in 2006,his office had repealed 28,000 illegal acts of local councils, charged 65,000 officials with violations, initiated 190 budget cases and helped the state receive UAH 112 mln back.

President Yushchenko was particularly interested to know how the Prosecutor’s Office tackled the issue of illegal VAT rebates. He criticized Prosecutor Medvedko for failing to achieve results in this area, claiming that value-added tax rebates were “hugely uneven,” with their number in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts and Crimea being nearly double of the planned rate of payouts.

The President demanded that the Prosecutor General and his office more actively and responsibly resolve this problem.


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