The modern organisation of the educational process in school results in significant deterioration of kids’ health, Valentyna Pedan, a Deputy Chief of the Mother & Child Health Department, told Friday.

Judging by results of the hot line held on Thursday, children aged 7-14 comparing with 6-years old kids have eyes’ problems three times more, than kids aged 6, bearing’s problems 5 times more, scoliosis cases 15 times more, nervous system illnesses 1.5 time, circulation of the blood illnesses 2.8 times, digestion diseases 2.3 times, musculoskeletal system illnesses 3.6 times more, urino-genital diseases 1.2 times more and endocrine system illnesses 2.5 times more.

Pedan explained it by lack of physical trainings in the school program. The parents must take care of children’s health and physical growth and development, she stressed.

Another serious problem is nutrition of school pupils. Sometimes, parents buy unhealthy products (chips etc.) for kids; the schools in turns prohibit selling such staff in their canteens. Concluding, Pedan outlined Ukrainian children get only 30% of necessary need in fruits and vegetables.


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