Our Ukraine rejects any variants of continuation of negotiations over coalition formation, as OU faction leader Roman Bezsmertny told channel 5.

Commenting the President’s statement on possible renewal of the talks, Bezsmertny said: “The negotiations are over. Our Ukraine has moved to opposition. The decision of six parties, which enter the OU bloc, and unanimous decision of the faction witnesses about it.” He also mentioned that the President had been informed about oppositional decision of the faction.

According to Bezsmertny, “bridges have been burned behind, we are in opposition.” He noted that “on summer the President proposed a panacea – National Unity Pact – and it was not Our Ukraine, who violated it. Our political force was a single intellectual center, which did its best to achieve the goal. However, other leaders were not ready for unification of Ukraine.”

Bezsmertny also did not exclude a possibility of reformation of the parliamentary coalition, as there are a lot of conflicts between Party of Regions, CPU and SPU.


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