According to Sergey Dankvert, chief of the Russian Federal Veterinary & Phytosanitary Service, Ukraine will be allowed to resume exporting its meat and milk production to Russia after the parties have signed a joint memorandum, Cabinet’s press office reported.

The document, he said, provides for step-by-step resuming trade, primarily in beef.

With a view of preventing re-exports of meat products, importation of meat will be allowed in half-and quarter-carcasses, not in blocks, as used to be the case.

The new rules, Sergey Dankvert noted, provide for the Ukrainian exporters submitting notices about batches of meat they intend to export to the RosSelkhozNadzor's Bryansk territorial agency, which notices must contain confirmation of the products' origin.

If the Ukrainian party succeeds in complying with the Russia side's demands, new checkpoints will open to admit Ukrainian meat products to Russia, Sergey Dankvert said.

Besides, after the memorandum has been signed, transit shipments of animal products, made in EU countries, will resume, including animal products from Austria and Hungary as those nations have not been found guilty of re-exports, Dankvert specified.

The RosSelkhozNadzor inspectors have completed their audit mission to Ukraine, which started on September 15 and involved a dozen enterprises in eight regions.


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