President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko considers that negotiation process over formation of a broad coalition is not finished and calls political forces to return to the negotiations.

“I do not consider this process closed and I call representatives of Our Ukraine, Party of Regions, SPU and CPU to return to the constructive dialogue,” Yushchenko told the press.

In this context the President called the forces to finish the roundtable and to sign a corresponding agreement. At the same time he underlined that the agreement must contain principles of National Unity Pact.

Yushchenko noted that as the President he is convinced that the parties of the negotiation process have a chance to agree. But in case if this process did not lead to a success, he, as the President, would cooperate both with parliamentary majority and minority to use all parliamentary potential for development of Ukrainian State system.

The President noted that today he has got the final text of the coalition agreement, which was distributed among the political forces. According to him, today representatives of several political forces have brought him their variants of decisions concerning acceptability or irreceivability of the agreement. He has also conducted consultation with representatives of different political parties.

“The first axiom, which I want all political forces engaging in the political process to focus its attention, is the achievement of the understanding and the national unity policy formation, it is alpha and omega of our present course,” stated the President of Ukraine.

“We have to get used to the fact that Ukraine must breathe both lungs, to understand that formation of coordinated policy is not easy and none of sides should pursue its own ends regarding this issue,” opined President Yushchenko.

 According to his words, “everybody must realise that Ukraine needs political stability as oxygen.” The stability usually gives different opportunities; the instability deprives the country of them instead, Yushchenko said.   

“Politicians can serve the nation, or, vise versa, conflict with the processes, which are necessary for the state and the nation. I’d like Ukrainian politicians, the power and the government to do their best and perform their function first of all, that is to lead consolidating national processes,” the Head of the state pointed out.


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