Ukraine intend to finalise Tashlyk Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Station by 2009, PM Yanukovich has revealed Thursday in an interview at celebration of the first storage pump launching in Tashlyk.

The Cabinet plans to complete the construction of the second storage pump and the first line of construction in general in the beginning of the Q2 of 2007. “We will provide it with 100% financial support,” outlined the Premier of Ukraine.

The construction of the 300-megawatt starting block of the power station will be launched in 2007. The Cabinet intends to provide $160 million and investment extra for this purpose.

PM Yanukovich stressed that the decision to lift the moratorium on the power station construction was absolutely right as the income will be spent for the Mykolayv regional development.

Tashlyk Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Station is situated on the banks of Pivdenny Buh River, Mykolayv region. Its construction has been launched in 1981. Its project capacity is 906 megawatt in turbining and 1494 megawatt in the normal pump operation. The cost of the starting block is $205.6 milliard.


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